Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Run no 42

T was out tonight so never set out until about 10.45pm, the benefits being it was lovely and cool and the roads were quiet.

Decided for the first time since starting back running to not bother with any watch or GPS watch and just go out and enjoy the run.

And thats what I did. It felt quite liberating not having to worry about times or ought although I am curious as to how to the time as it felt quick.

Run no 41

Tues 29th June 2010

Usual 3 miler and dammed it was hard going!

Did I tell you I hate running in the heat?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Run no 40

5miler was scheduled tonight but decided to do my 6m course. Very, very warm and the first 2 felt slow. Got home just short of a PB.


Lovely 12 miler next Sunday to look forward to.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Run no 39

Well decided I need to try the 'early bird' approach which should hopefully mean I'm not bloated with food and there's less traffic on the road. Set out just after 7am and just meandered for 5.12 miles. Speed nothing spectacular but a nice 147bpm so all in all happy. Means I've got the rest of the day too now.


Friday, 25 June 2010

Run no 38 - Thurs 24th June

Note to self - dont run a 10k after eating a fish supper.

Somehow got around the course tho after mile 1 I felt there was no way I was going to manage it. I've noticed when I've been running these last few weeks I eel listless and running on empty which I realise is down to poor timing on my part with meals etc. Reckon I'm going to have to start running in the mornings first thing.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Run no 37

4.26m tonight, never got out until after 9 due to be fixated with that tennis marathon on earlier. Run was ok with a plus being the roads were nice and quiet.


Monday, 21 June 2010

Run no 36

Another scorcher so decided to leave the run till later when it'd be cooler. Wasn't looking forward to the run at all. Decided to try out my Father's Day present a water bottle thing that straps onto your back. Took it nice and easy and found after about 4 miles I settled into my rythym. Beginning to get get a bit of a technique climbing hills now letting my legs and arms do the work. Comfortable 10.21 miles and in a PB pf 1.40.52

Rest day tomorrow!


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Run no 35

Scorching here today. Since T was working at 3pm I'd have to go out before then so opted for for a 4m today and run the 10m tomorrow late on after the sun has gone down. Even 4 miles in this heat is hard going, just pleased to get to the end!

I've come to discover no matter how far you run even on a shorter distance you're still relieved to get to the end.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Run no 34

Off camping with the Ava to the seaside today so headed out early this morning. Ran my 3.27m run in a PB of 28.13, averaging 8.37mins per mile with an average speed of 7mph.

Nice to see things are moving along nice.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Run no 33

Cirumstances prevented a decent run yesterday so a 2.1m was all I managed. Still the rest can only help.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Run no 32

With a 2 day rest there was no excuse for a poor run tonight. A 3miler was scheduled but decided to do my 6.5 due to no run yesterday. Set out nice and quick and soon found my rhythm. Felt comfortable for the entire run and finished in a PB of 1.00.45. 30 secs of which was spent waiting at junctions for cars to turn.

Feel like I'm back on track again after a poor week last night, fingers crossed.

I see pink pigs

No run last night (Tues) as T was down in Newcastle amd I had to pick her up from the station in Edinburgh. Probably just as well as earlier I was attemping to unblock my kitchen sink and inadvertedly took a couple of huge gulps of the plug unblocker stuff fumes I'd poured down it minutes earlier. Could taste it all night and felt kinda lightheaded!


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Run no 31

Due to a busy day I wasn't going to get out till very late. I set out about 8pm with probably the least enthusiasm for a run than I've felt so far. Not the ideal state of mind before a 10miler. I set out intending to take it nice and easy to hopefully get around the course. First 2 miles were ok, beginning to hate the 3rd mile of this run though. It's on a busy, busy road and more times than not I have to jump onto the grass verge to avoid ongoing traffic some of whom are going waay faster than the limit. The 3rd and 4th miles are tough though, its a straight, long uphill climb with a lot of traffic weaving required. The odd thing was I found by time I got passed mile 4 I felt more comfortable than I had for a while. Took it nice and easy and even found the huge climb from mile 8.5 to 9.5 easier than last week. Even managed to stick on the little loop of my street to finish, total distance 10.12miles in a time of 1.46, certainly not fast by any means but given the stuggle this week has been I was delighted just to get around it.

The great thing tho the average heart rate was 147bpm which is good.

Turned the corner hopefully.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Run no 30

3.3miler today, weather was warm and the run was tough.

Going thru a bit of a tough time mentallly with the running. The last 4 runs have felt hard probably down to the fact that I'm running harder but reckon in order I'm able to crack this I need to drop the speed and just concentrate in covering distance.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Run no 29

With Tracy heading out tonight I had to do a shortened run. I set out with the intent of just seeing where my legs too me. I ended up running thru a Lidl's supply depot and probably getting some odd looks from the drivers. It was dammed hot and pretty tiring but I felt like my energy levels are starting to get back to what they should be. Ended up with a 3.14 miler.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Run no 28

After yesterday's terrible run I set out somewhat pensive with no idea how it would turn out. Did my 3.2m run and went ok. No fast time or ought but happy enough.

Here's hoping yesterday was a temporary blip.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Run no 27

4.27 miles and hard at that.

I felt bloated, knackered and thoroughly not up for it. Perhaps the fact I had my dinner 2 hours before and possibly because I gave blood yesterday I just felt lethargic and like I was starting from scratch.

Still best put it behind me and realise tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Run no 26

Longest run so far - 9.79 miles. First 2.5 were fairly flat until I hit the long incline up Cousland Road. As I approached Craigswood it flattened. Heading down thru Pumpherston brought a welcome long downhill. Only problem being the steep climb back up towards Mid Calder. Fairly flat thru the bottom of Howden then hit the long climb back up to Alderstone Rd. At that point I was running so slow I felt I was almost grinding to a halt. Relieved to get to the top which left the last mile to home.

Finished in 1hr 41m, not fast but just happy to get round.

Blister's getting worse!

Run no 25

3.1miler today. Got caught in the rain and got absolutely soaked, still when the rain did go off it tunred rather warm. Ran it as fast as I could and managed a improving 27.23 mins.

Bleedin blisters getting worse though.

9.7m tomorrow, oh joy!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Run no 24

Went for a quick 3.3m tonight and managed a PB of 29.06 averaging 8.46p/m which is the first sub 9m mile I've managed since starting out again. Very happy.

Down side though is I've a nasty blister on the inside of my left foot.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Run no 23

After such an enjoyable run last night I thought I'd do my 6.5m instead of the planned 5m. Maintained a nice, steady pace but as I was heading north towards Bathgate I prompty fell flat on my face. As I stood up I realised my foot had caught in a loop of wire. Luckily I was running on the grass at that point so I was able to pick myself up and carry on running. What was scary was I was literally a couple of feet from the road and just as I fell a car whizzed past. Kinda got me thinking about trying to run later when there's less traffic on the road. I've found most cars tend to slow up and give you a wide berth but theres still some who fly past as silly speeds a couple of feet from you.

Anyway, I pressed on and tried to run hard and was rewarded with a PB of 1.01.49 almost 3 minutes quicker.


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Run no 22

Due to a fish supper being consumed for tea I decided to leave it until much later on before setting out. Went up to Tommy's and we did a 4.1miler. First 1.5 is a climb followed by a downhill section before flattening out. Tommy increased the pace with a 1.5 miles left and we got round in 38.35.

Its probably been the best I've felt since starting back out on this running lark, really happy with the way things are progressing.