Sunday, 30 May 2010

Run no 21

Set out on what was to be the farthest distance I've ran in some 12 years. It was pefect running weather, slight breeze pleasantly warm but not too much. The first 2 miles were slight downhill letting me quickly find my pace. As I neared thwe river Almond I ran thru some long grass and was literally set upon by swarms of midgies to the point I had to keep my eyes and mouth pretty much closed till I ran thru them. As I got to Mid Calder I turned Noth and ran down the steep brae only to face a very steep climb which evened out to a slightly less but still daunting climb for about a mile. I leaned into the hill and felt the momentum of my arms helped pull me up. As I got to the 4 mile mark which coincided with the top of the hill I actually felt better than I had for the whole run. Seemed the first 4 miles had got the legs properly warmed up!

As I neared 6 miles I veered right then left and finished with the uphill bit of my normal 3miler. Although it was hard it never felt as difficutl as it does when I only run 3 miles. I reached home in 1 hr 19mins covering 7.67miles. Delighted with an average heart rate of 150.

Proper happy I am.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Run no 20

Did a new 3.2m circuit, 29.40m managing an average 9.15mms.

Coming down slowly.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Run no 19

Due to not getting home until 20.30 last night my 5 miler was knocked on the head. First run I've missed since starting so don't feel *t00* guilty.

Tonight I had a planned 3m but decided to do my 4.3 miler since I missed yesterday. It was a damp, cold night so stuck on a long sleeved top and a pair of light waterproof running bottoms. Must admit I was surprised at how much better it felt running with my body feeling nice and toasty. The run felt very, relaxed and I was delighted to see I ran a PB of 40.02, 38 seconds quicker than my fastest previously.


Run no 18 - Tues 26th May

Was stuck in a hotel in Sheffield and fully intended to do my 3m. It's fair to say the area was a touch rough looking so I chose to batter out a 3 miler on the tread mile in the hotel gym. Certainly made my 3 course Chinese meal taste all the nicer later!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Run no 17

Had a BBQ last night, ate waaay too much and squaffed probably a couple of beers too many. Never got to bed til almost 1am and was tempted to text Tommy to call today's planned 6.5 miler off. Tommy turned up about 08.15am so we headed off. The first mile wasn't too bad tho the legs were like lead from that dammed 3 miler yesterday. After the mile mark the sun broke thru the clouds and I felt like I was running in a furnace. Midway I started having doubts about getting round but the determination kept me going. To say I was relieved to reach the end was an understatement. Running in the heat just isn't fun.

Legs are feeling like lead now though.

Run no 16 - Sat 22nd May

Did I tell you I'm glad the marathon is in Oct?

Did my 3 miler, running in blistering heat, no fun at all. Run was as dammed difficult as it usually was and I was just relieved to get another 3m under my belt.

Ah 6.5 on Sun, the joys.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Run no 15

After yesterday's killer 3 miler I was all set for a rest today. Got home and felt up for a run. Set out on my planned 4 miler and ran a very, relaxed 4 miler. The weather was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Funny abou the old enthusiasm for this things always hinges on how your last run went.

Quite pleased with myself.

Oh and I recorded my lowest average heart rate to date - 150.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Run no 14

Set out on my usual 3 miler, half way round the legs felt like ton weights and I felt I was running slower than I've ever ran since starting out running again. Overall time was about a minute slower tho my average heart rate had fallen.

Feel like I need a couple of days layoff to rest the legs tho the schedule wont allow it.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Run no 13

Decided to have dinner (lovely salad) and leave it an hour and a half before venturing out. Mistake. Although I felt fine before going out it wasn't long before I felt bagged up whilst running. I perservered and got around even managing a sprint effort the last 200m.

A PB only by 6 seconds mind.


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Run no 12

Ater a particularly hard 3 miler yesterday I wasn't exactly looking forward to the 6.5 miler today. It was a pleasant, warm evening with a slight breeze so at least I couldn't blame the weather. Had another good, steady paced run even managing to throw in a couple of short sprints to get me passed some road junctions and up a couple of short hills. Haven't plugged the Garmin in to confirm the time but from what I can see I reckon it was perhaps only 20-30 secs slower than last week when I ran with Tommy so overall very happy again.

Update - just uploaded the data, I was 19 secs slower but my average heart rate fell from 158 to 154 so rather happy.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Run no 11

Well dang dindly doo, just when I thought today would be a nice easy 3miler, it into a stinking, hard slog. I hate wind and I hate hills. Put them both together and you've got a recipe for a lovely hard run.

Despite it being a short run there's 3 long gradual climbs only offset with a steep last 1/4 mile.

Turns out the time was a PB for this run but it feels like I've gone backwards a tad. Thoughts of needing the loo half way round never helped.

Did I tell you I hate wind?

Thursday, 13 May 2010


With T working late tonight there will be no run, I could have did it first thing this morning but it just looked too darned cold and wet.

Oh well, thats a run on the cards the next 3 days.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Run no 10

Had a early rise this morning with a trip to just south of Newcastle. Tiring drive back up but I was determined to get out tonight more so since I missed a run on Monday. I knew it was gonna be tough as I ran yesterday so hadn't had a rest day since Monday. Did a nice steady 4 miler tho had to stop twice at junctions due to traffic which always annoys me. Put in a bit of uhm....sprint for the last 200 metres.

Looking forward to a nice hot bath though.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Run no 9

Due to my wife's late shift I wasn't able to get out last night as planned. Tonight should have been a day off but I donned my shorts, shoes and ipod and did my 4 miler. It was the most relaxed 4 miler to date and that was reflected in a PB tho I know I have to try and keep the pace down.

Morale - Very positive.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Run no 8 - 6.5 miles

The plan was a 5 miler, I had a route planned in my head but after sticking it into MapMyRun it turned out it was a 6.5m some 1.5 more than my scheduled. It was a lovely night and I was going to have company so though 'Hell, why not'.

Have to say it's probably been the most relaxing, enjoyable run to date tho the last 1.5 were probably ran too quick. Absolutely delighted that after only 2 weeks in, I've managed to crack out a >10k run.

Colour me satisfied and happy.


Friday, 7 May 2010

Run no7 - 3.3 miles

Lovely sunny evening but quite a strong, cooling wind. First 2 miles were fairly comfortable though running into the strong wind made things a tad tough. Realised 3/4 of the way round I'd probably ran it a bit too fast. Got home in 31 mins exactly which was almost 30 secs faster per mile. Averaging 9.17 mins per mile which after under 2 weeks I'm happy with. Got a 5 miler on Sat which should be fun. Running with Tommy so that'll be a nice bit of company.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Run no 6 - 4 miles

Set out on the 4 miler again tonight. Lovely cool evening and ideal running weather. Very pleasant first 2 miles, mile 3 which is on an incline was made easier with 'You're the Best' from the 'Karate Kid' films, seems to give you that extra gear when you need it most. The last half mile was probably ran a touch on the quick side but overall pleased again of how well it went.


Monday, 3 May 2010

Run no 5 - 3.3 miles

Decided to get out early and thought I'd have a crack at a 3 miler rather than the planned 2. First mile and a half were fine tho midway thru the second you hit a bit of a long incline. Once I'd ascended that it was a turn left followed by a lovely long run downhill finish. JUst over a week into training I'm pretty satisfied with my progress.

Still a long, long to way to go though.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Run no 4 - 4 miles

I set out somewhat apprehensively what with this being twice as far as I've ran in probably 12 years. As I stretched I couldn't quite believe the difference there was in terms of technology. 12 years ago it was shorts, shoes, vest and a watch. Here I was tooled up to the hilt with a device that'll record my satellite whereabouts, heartbeat, calories burned, speed and plot my every move. Also tucked on to my shorts was about 3 hours worth of crystal clear music; mental.

It was a cool, crisp morning and ideal for running. I set out, quickly trying to find my pace. The first 2 miles were fine. As I neared the roundabout heading towards Livingston Village I turned sharply left onto Cousland Road and made my way east towards Ladywell. It's about a straight mile but a gradual climb. About half way along I could feel the hill biting and started to question whether taking this thing on was a good idea. I dug in and finally reached the turn off for Ladywell. Miles 3 and 4 finishing with a circuit round my street were easier than I expected. All in all very satisfied and happy. Just need to do this another 5 and a hlaf time and I'm there.